Football Manager 2017

19 Oct 2016


Sports Interactive are back with their latest entry in the addictive series: when is it out, what are the new features and how does Brexit come into it? 

the ultimate sports strategy simulator and veritable relationship hazard, is back again.

Developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega, the hugely addictive series is set for its 13th instalment.

Here, Mirror Football guides you through everything you need to know about a game which allows you to fulfil even your most outrageous managerial fantasies - perhaps guiding Woking from the Conference to the Champions League in six seasons.

Of course, that sort of thing doesn’t go unnoticed.

Football Manager 2016

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ makes the retro console portable

17 Feb 2016


Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ makes the retro console portable

Last year's retro-tastic ZX Spectrum Vega had us going all nostalgic over Manic Miner. Now its makers have gone one better and made it portable.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ has just hit Indiegogo, and it looks a little like a PlayStation Vita. It has its own screen, so you can play games on the bus. And with 1,000 officially licensed games preloaded, there's plenty to keep you busy.

There's also a microSD card slot, for loading on even more games. You'll never have a dull journey again.

If you want to game on the big screen, you can plug it into your TV and enjoy a more authentic experience. (Though we didn't have a 42-inch flatscreen in the early 80s. Rather a boxy black and white set that went on the blink every time it rained.)

Drupal 8 Release Candidate 1

8 Oct 2015


We now present the first release candidate for Drupal 8.0.0! Drupal 8 includes a tremendous number of new features and improvements for both users and developers.

We revamped Drupal's user interface; added WYSIWYG and in-place editing; significantly improved mobile support; added and improved key contributed modules including Views, Date, and Entity Reference; introduced a new object-oriented backend leveragingSymfony components; revamped configuration management; improved multilingual support; and added hundreds of other improvements. Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 is the collective work of over 3,200 core contributors. Read more about what's new in Drupal 8.0.x.

The first release candidate provides a great opportunity to begin developing with Drupal 8, especially for:

  • New sites.
  • Sites that rely mainly on the expanded functionality provided by Drupal 8 core alone.
  • Projects that will take months of development time.
  • Sites for which Drupal 8's benefits outweigh the effort needed to port (or work around) contributed modules that do not yet have Drupal 8 versions.

Drupal 8 Release Candidate 1

GNOME 3.18 Released

25 Sep 2015


The GNOME project is proud to announce the release of GNOME 3.18. The new version is the result of six months’ hard work by the GNOME community, and includes 25,112 changes by 772 contributors.

<--break->3.18 has been named “Gothenburg” in recognition of this year’s GUADEC organising team. GUADEC is GNOME’s main annual conference, and is only possible due to the hard work of local volunteers. In 2015, it was held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Here's the one 'major problem' facing Munich after switching from Windows to Linux

28 Aug 2015


A technical official from the German city talks about the trickiest issues it faces and how users have taken to the alternative operating system.

Here's the one 'major problem' facing Munich after switching from Windows to Linux

An official from the city of Munich has detailed the biggest challenges facing the city after moving from Windows to Linux.


The German city council spent years migrating more than 15,000 staff to Limux, a custom-version of Ubuntu, and other open-source software - a move the city said had saved it more than €10m ($11m).

In spite of complaints from a couple of councillors about the Limux OS, the city council said the bulk of users have not taken issue with the move.

"Most people don't really realize that they have Linux and they do not really care," said Jan-Marek Glogowski, a developer in the IT team at the City of Munich told the DebConf Debian developers meeting earlier this month.

Norway switch off FM radio signals in 2017

20 Apr 2015


Norway will become the first country in the world to switch off FM radio signals in 2017, its government has confirmed. The Ministry of Culture announced that its national transition to digital radio will take almost a year to complete, but said that the move will put the needs of listeners first, with wider coverage and better quality.

digital audio broadcasting

Why is the world ignoring the revolutionary Kurds in Syria?

11 Feb 2015


In 1937, my father volunteered to fight in the International Brigades in defence of the Spanish Republic. A would-be fascist coup had been temporarily halted by a worker’s uprising, spearheaded by anarchists and socialists, and in much of Spain a genuine social revolution ensued, leading to whole cities under directly democratic management, industries under worker control, and the radical empowerment of women.


Spanish revolutionaries hoped to create a vision of a free society that the entire world might follow. Instead, world powers declared a policy of “non-intervention” and maintained a rigorous blockade on the republic, even after Hitler and Mussolini, ostensible signatories, began pouring in troops and weapons to reinforce the fascist side. The result was years of civil war that ended with the suppression of the revolution and some of a bloody century’s bloodiest massacres.

Nearly 2400 MS-DOS games are now playable in your browser

7 Jan 2015


Nearly 2400 MS-DOS games are now playable in your browser

I referenced the great 1986 EA game Starflight in yesterday's news about the Into the Stars Kickstarter because, to put it bluntly, I freakin' loved Starflight. It was an amazing accomplishment: A sandbox sci-fi game with planetary exploration, trading, ship-to-ship combat, diplomacy with seven unique alien races, and more, all squeezed into 256K—kilobytes!—of RAM. And now you youngsters can try it for yourselves, along with roughly 2400 other games from the MS-DOS era, all of them playable in your browser.

Open Source CMS Drupal Provides Better Value for the Australian government

1 Dec 2014


Η Αυστραλία υλοποιεί τους Κυβερνητικούς δικτυακούς της τόπους με Drupal CMS.

Last week, I came across an article on ZDNet entitled "Australian government can't recruit fast enough for open source". Drupal is having so much success in Australia that they can't hire fast enough to staff all the projects. Most interesting to me is why Drupal is beating the proprietary, legacy CMS systems of the past. According to John Sheridan, the CTO for the Australian government, Drupal's success is all about value:

"The proprietary solutions require an increasing fees, require expensive support or maintenance costs, and often the more advanced or popular features — the ones that really make a business difference — require so much investment of time and were so hard to get people to do that in some cases, it is prohibitively expensive or impossible to get out of once you're in,"

As I've written about before, proprietary CMS vendors are scrambling to add new features in order to justify their increasing costs and more important, lock customers into their platforms to drive recurring software license revenue. The rise of the "marketing cloud" and "marketing suite" are exactly the sort of tactics that proprietary vendors use to justify their significant higher costs. Companies are often sold this vision by a slick product demonstration and end up overbuying technology they will never use.